Jean picked up the soaring pelican piece I made for her as well as the little Ghost Crab painting.  Thank you so much Jean!   Now I need to paint some more!

“Love the “3 pelican fly by” painting! I smile every time I look at it. You captured so well what I see when I am at the ocean and look up as groups of pelicans fly by. To me, they are quirky birds. They appear so regimented when they are flying, like miniature dive bombers, & then they become like a line of flowing ribbon inches from the water gracefully moving up and down between the waves. I also love how they dive down after fish and either go beneath the water, or just plop down in a gigantic splash and bob around on the waves for a time. Some how you just brought it all home in your paintings. Keep painting!”

Jean Schramm

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  • thomas

    Love the crab!

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