Though I did sell a couple pieces so far, I exhibited in Keeping the Arts Alive show here in Vero. It was a weekend show running from Friday thru Sunday with a lovely reception on Friday eve. I entered three pictures and I am thrilled to say two of them sold! A great show for me. Whenever I sell a piece it gives me inspiration to paint more as it will be “season” soon and I am looking forward to setting up the tent come October for Art in the Park show. On top of that, I sold two more pieces.

Also, I am thrilled to announce I am the featured artist for August and September at the Environmental Learning Center’s Lagoon Room which is designated for artists to display their work. I have use of the entire room and will fill it with 30 plus pieces of my art. I reception is planned for September 22 to meet the artist (me!).

The Emerson Center Gallery here in Vero is another place I show my work. There is an upcoming show called Pour Your Heart Out which is designated for acrylic pour or Dutch pour art. After some research, I decided to give it a try. Very messy but lots of fun! The paint is very loose and spread onto the canvas by blowing the paint with a straw or a hair dryer, tilting the canvas to run the paint and many other creative ways which give a unique and impressive abstract method of painting. So I will be exhibiting in that show in September with a reception to be announced soon. Lots going on!

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