Well,  the first show has come and gone.  Not what I expected.  Not a real art show but lots of vendors selling everything from scissors to hand sewn holiday placemats and aprons, to wallets not made, but purchased for resale.  Live and learn.  Scratch that one off the list.  Sold three small pieces.  that’s ok.  I think it will be a good season.  Nothing really happens until the beginning of the year.  I did finish my latest, a rendition of a friend who is a great photographer of wildlife.  Linda gave me her blessing for painting her photo.

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  • Christine Lehman

    Really love your artwork! The colors are beautiful and the subject matter is so close to my heart! Love the wildlife found around our waterways, especially our Chesapeake Bay! We love this area.

    • Iris

      You must love looking out your window to the creek and seeing all the herons and ospreys! Thank you!

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