Finished this sandhill crane family. A friend took this pic. So much color.

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  • Ryan Peters

    You really have something for birds and feathers. The details are incredible.

  • Rhona

    Wonderful painting. Your eye for detail is amazing.

    • Iris

      Thank you so much!

  • Lisa Rotkiske

    Fabulous Artwork!!!

    • Iris

      Thank you Lisa. Miss you. Come visit soon!

  • Debby Scherr

    I have followed your work from when you first started painting and all your hard work has paid off, your paintings get better and better, they are just beautiful .

    • Iris

      Thanks Deb!

  • Camille Kane

    Iris, your paintings are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them.

    • Iris

      Thanks Camille. Miss you. Glad we connected on fb

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